DPD is now our Primary Courier!

We're delighted to announce that DPD is now our Primary Courier!

Why have we chosen DPD?

One of the main factors in us choosing a new courier was the feedback we received from our customers. Our customer feedback is very important to us as we constantly strive to ensure we are always giving our customers the best experience possible.

In teaming up with DPD we are now able to give our customers much more control over their shipments.

DPD notifies customers with the exact hour parcel their parcel will arrive, this information is sent to the number or e-mail provided, meaning customers don't need to wait around all day for their parcel to arrive. It is also very easy for customers to change the time, day, or place of delivery if their plans change.* 

Our customers can also now receive and send packages at the Pickup point of their choice. DPD has over 42,000 parcel shops and self-service lockers across the globe, with 95% of Europeans located less than 15 minutes away from a Pickup Point. 

Track your parcel easily with the DPD App, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

*Please note that that extra charges may apply for changes made to your shipment

Please also that smaller items such as Smartphones and Tablets etc. will still continue to be shipped with Royal Mail.

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