Let's Save The Planet Together With EcoCart - Make Your Order Carbon Neutral!

We're delighted to announce that we have teamed up with EcoCart!

EcoCart is a new system which we have implemented into our online store which allows you to make your order completely carbon neutral for a very small fee (usually around 1-2% of your total order)!

What does it mean to be Carbon Neutral?

By definition, Carbon neutrality refers to achieving net-zero carbon dioxide emissions. This can be done by balancing emissions of carbon dioxide with its removal (often through carbon offsetting) or by eliminating emissions from society (the transition to the "post-carbon economy").

So what is a Carbon Offset?

Carbon offsets are a practical and effective way to reduce the effects of climate change by funding renewable energy, forestry, or clean water projects. These projects reduce emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases in order to compensate for emissions made elsewhere, like the emissions created from ordering something online. EcoCart calculates the emissions created from your online orders and donates the exact dollar amount required to reduce those emissions directly to these projects on your behalf.

How do I know the money is going to the right place?

"With your help, we’re finding projects that are truly additive (meaning new), permanent, and without unintended consequences (i.e. creating more carbon elsewhere, like a game of Whack-a-Mole). All of our projects are independently certified to internationally recognized standards.

Every project we fund is triple-verified. Triple-verification means:

1. The project’s financials, management team, project site, and carbon reduction method are carefully vetted.

2. One of the world’s major carbon standards reviews the project.

3. Global Offset Research verifies the project against a second list of international standards." - Eco Cart

The most impactful projects

EcoCart utilizes a global network of reputable suppliers to sequester, reduce, and offset carbon emissions.

The projects that the EcoCart community supports are rigorously vetted, certified by internationally recognized standards, and hand-selected by industry experts. Each project is triple-verified to maximize positive impacts on both the planet and the local communities where our projects are held.

Choose a Project. Change the World.

Learn about the different ways each project works to combat climate change

Here's just a few examples of the many different projects!
Tri-City Forest - West Springfield, Massachusetts, USA

The Tri-City Forest sprawls over three cities in Massachusetts: Holyoke, Westfield, and West Springfield. An improved forest management project, the Tri-City Forest works to project over 6,500 acres of forest and captures over 100,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide each year. Improved Forest Management (IFM) is an agriculture, forestry and land-use project category that relates to forest management activities that result in increased carbon stocks within forests and/or reduce greenhouse gas emissions from forestry activities when compared to business-as-usual forestry practices. The Tri-City Forest in particular generates revenue for the communities involved in the form of carbon stock in exchange for the benefits that the protected lands provide. This exchange enables the project to benefit the environment while not removing an essential form of income from the surrounding community.


100,000 Metric tons of carbon captured per year

6,500 Acres of forest protected


  • Significantly reduces carbon emissions in the atmosphere.
  • Protects the environment and habitats of many species of animals.
  • Supports the local communities by maintaining healthy watershed which ensures healthy ecosystems and clean water.
  • Serves as a natural water filter for surrounding areas.
  • Improves forest management operation by implementing sustainable forestry practices that help reduce greenhouse gases and contribute to carbon sequestration.

Cambodia Water Purification - Khum Longvek, Cambodia

In Cambodia, due to a lack of accessible clean water, many residents must boil their water in order to make it potable. To boil this water, they use wood-burning fires, which emit carbon dioxide into both the home and atmosphere. This project provides locally-made ceramic water purifiers to Cambodian families. With a filter in their homes, families no longer need to boil their water to make it safe. This reduces indoor air pollution from wood burning (thus improving the lung health of inhabitants), slashes household fuel costs, and protects Cambodia’s vulnerable forests. This technology makes a profound difference in the hands of those who need it most.


300,000 Filters to be distributed over 7 years

90,000 Metric tons of carbon reduced per year


  • Reduces the need to burn wood for water purification which reduces pollution in the home and diseases associated with it.
  • Protects Cambodian forests due to a reduction in burning wood, which aids in carbon reduction and protects plants and animals.
  • Saves households $14 USD annually by spending less time gathering fuel and less income purchasing it, compared to those not using a filter.

Sidrap Wind Farm Project - Sulawesi, Indonesia

Sidrap Wind Farm is located in South Sulawesi and consists of 30 wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 75 MW. This project produces 253,000 MWh of renewable energy per year to the South Sulawesi national grid—that’s enough to power over 70,000 local homes. The Sidrap Wind Farm reduces Indonesia’s dependence on fossil fuels for power generation, providing clean electricity to a nation in need of power.


253,000 MWh of renewable energy produced per year

70,000 Local homes are powered by the energy produced


  • Provides local employment opportunities (35 new jobs) and promotes equal pay for work of equal value.
  • Reduces air pollution by replacing coal and other fossil fuel fired power plants with clean, renewable power.
  • Raises awareness and provides capacity for climate change mitigation, adaptation and impact reduction.
  • Promotes Indonesia as a country committed to minimizing greenhouse gas emission through renewable energy development.

All of EcoCart's projects can be found here.

So why choose EcoCart?

"We calculate the carbon offset costs of each order and fund carefully selected projects – you don’t have to lift a finger.

We offer an industry low fee structure and full transparency into which projects we fund, why we chose them, and what their specific impact is.

Our robust algorithm calculates the exact carbon emissions from both manufacturing and shipping each order by looking at variables such as raw materials, manufacturing process, product weight, shipping distance, and more." - EcoCart

Let's Save The Planet Together With EcoCart!

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