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Apple iPhone 4S - WHITE - 8GB - Grade C - VODAFONE


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This item is refurbished to a Grade C Standard. Please note that this listing is for the handset only and does not include a charger or the original retail packaging.


This item comes with 90 days warranty.


Contrary to initial reactions from many, though, this shouldn’t be cause for lamentation as where it counts the iPhone 4 is up there with the best. However, the list of meaningful hardware differences is rather short. There’s a new CPU in the form of the same dual-core A5 CPU as used on the iPad 2 (though it’s clocked at 800MHz rather than 1GHz), meanwhile the iPhone 4 has a single core chip running at 1GHz. The A5 chip also packs in seven times the graphics performance of the iPhone 4, according to Apple.

Also new is an 8-megapixel camera with 1080p video recording, a redesigned antennae and the new Siri voice controlled assistant. All of which we’ll be looking at in detail throughout this review.

But back to that design. The iPhone 4 is almost identical in appearance to the iPhone 4. The only visible difference comes courtesy that new antennae design. On both phones the antennae is incorporated into the stainless band that wraps round the edge, and famously on the iPhone 4 this lead to problems when the phone was held such that your hand or fingers covered the thin strips of black plastic that seperated the aerial into segments.

On the iPhone 4 these black strips have doubled in number, indicating the phone’s use of two antennae. Thanks to having to incorporate these extra black strips, the mute switch on the left edge has had to move closer to the volume buttons.


Brand - Apple

Model - iPhone 4S

Storage - 8GB

Colour - White

Network - VODAFONE

(REF - 96)

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