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D-Link DE-1824i VFD 24-Port Ethernet Hub With Rack Mount Ears


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This item is used, cleaned, tested and refurbished and is in perfect working order. Item will show minor signs of wear, but this will not effect the functionality of the item in any way.


This item comes with a 90 day warranty. 


D-Link's new DE-1824 series of stackable 10BASE-T hubs offer two distinguished features: video display of statistics and diagnostic information, and segmentation of a network from a management station. These hubs are scalable and manageable to fully support expansion and complexity for departmental growth. Up to 8 hubs may be daisy-chained together, with 7 client hubs sharing an SNMP management agent of a master hub. The daisy-chain cable is the inexpensive twisted-pair cable and may be stretched up to 100 meters to permit users to place the hubs in the same stack in different rooms. The D-Link hubs can also be easily segmented anytime to prevent the network from being overloaded. ??What makes the D-Link hubs different from other vendors' is their vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) that shows comprehensive system status and network traffic statistics. In appearance, the D-Link hubs look more like a sleek stereo/video set than a piece of network wiring equipment.

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