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D-Link Ethernet to Wireless 108G Bridge DWL-G810


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The Wireless Bridge DWL-G 810 converts virtually any Ethernet 'receiver set-top box, game console, printer, laptop or even a desktop computer' in a wireless network device device. By incorporating wireless bridge to the network, access to printer and file transfer data from one PC to another PC can be managed wirelessly without the hassle of having to install Ethernet cables through walls and ceilings. The DWL-G 810 802 .11g also has an advantage for gamers: players can participate in multiplayer games on the Internet via a broadband connection at high speed. The Wireless Bridge DWL-G 810 also features WEP encryption to 128 -bit, which increases data protection in the existing network. With the level of security provided, no unauthorized person can access the network unless it has a permit.


- Up to 108 Mbps
- Easy to install. No software / driver
- Compatible with 802.11 b
- Independent operating system / platform

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