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Firestore FS-4HD Portable DTE Recorder - 40GB


  • £149.99


This item has been powered on and we can confirm that it powers on fine, however the item has not been tested further. This item is boxed and includes power supply.


This item comes with a 90 day warranty. 


Weighing one pound and only 1.5 inches thick, Focus FireStore FS-4 HD and FS-4Pro HD Portable DTE Recorders bring Direct To Edit® Technology to your DV or HDV handheld camcorder.

Whether mounted directly to your camcorder or clipped to your belt, the FS-4 is designed to excel in the field. Focus FS-4 Portable DTE Recorders Featuring a comprehensive backlit display, an easy-to-use menu system, a hard drive, and a removable, rechargeable battery, the Focus FS-4 is the perfect DTE companion for DV and HDV handheld shoots.

Designed for use in even the roughest conditions, the FS-4 includes ten-second electronic shock cache to ensure that you never lose footage. Audio, video, timecode, and control information is passed through a single FireWire cable, allowing you to record to disk and tape simultaneously. And when recording is complete, your footage is ready to edit instantly—no capturing, file transfer, or file conversion is required.

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