Ivy Standby Buster Energy Saving Socket. Remote Control Off Switch SB v1.0 - 2 Pack


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The Ivy Standby Buster is a remote-controlled electrical socket that lets you switch appliances off completely so that they use no electricity.

Leaving electrical items on standby unnecessarily uses electricity, costing you money and contributing to Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Standby Buster requires no installation, simply plug it into an existing socket to convert it to remote control. Standby Buster is the only consumer electronics mains switch to be recommended by the Energy Saving Trust.

The manufacturers of Standby Buster quote statistics (from Which?) which suggest that, for a typical array of electronic entertainment equipment, avoiding standby will save £40 per year and reduce carbon emissions by 245 Kg *.
at 7p/kWh and 0.43 KgCO2/kWh.

2 packs per sale

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