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Motorola Symbol MC50 3.5" Mobile Computer, Intel XScale 520MHz, 64MB of Storage


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This item is used, cleaned, tested and refurbished and is in perfect working order. Item will show signs of wear, but this will not effect the functionality of the item in any way. Please note that this item does not include a charger, stylus and includes 1 battery per unit.


This item comes with a 90 day warranty.


Delivering real-time enterprise information to on-the-go professionals

Your managers, executives, doctors and salespeople can't be tied to a desk. To be effective, they have to be on the shop floor, with an important customer, at a patient's bedside or in the retail aisle. With the MC50 enterprise digital assistant, they have immediate access to the most current enterprise information, using both voice and data communications on a single device. Your employees gain the freedom of movement to serve customers and engage in data entry according to the immediate needs of your enterprise, increasing your response to changing conditions and helping all employees be more successful in their jobs.

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